Sitemap for Blogger: Leearn how to create blogger sitemap
Sitemap for blogger: Create Blogger Sitemap Easily

The sitemap for Blogger or Sitemap for BlogSpot is the basic off-page SEO stuff to take a start from if you're using Blogger / BlogSpot as your primary Content Management System(CMS). Before starting to learn how to create a sitemap for blogger and then submit the file to Google Web Master Tool for indexing and crawling, you should be familiar with it first.

What is Sitemap?

The Sitemap is nothing, but just a simple or external file of your website, where your home page, contents / articles, videos, images, tools or other data exist. You can also determine sitemap as the map of your website. As both do similar works. But the major difference between website map and a real one is the real map let us know our desire direction I mean it helps us to find the area where we want to reach. But on website map, Search Engines are a person where a sitemap let them know where they can go? Search Engine looks at the sitemap to determine how many data exist that you want to get indexed and crawled. If a Search Engines properly understand the path of your website via a sitemap, it will be really easy for them to draw a diagram of your website in their indexing lists and after that, your website earned fair chances to index your website’s contents or other mentioned items.

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger?

It doesn't matter which Content Management System is being used by you, the sitemap can be applied in any. And we should use sitemap for our blog for sure, it helps our content to get indexed fast than without having a sitemap.
Without sitemap, a file indexed after more than 1,000 days. Means after 2-3 years later. And by having sitemap, your content indexes under a week, if a does great in term of On Page SEO and on similar stuff like Off-Page SEO, Social Bookmarking etc.
However in this tutorial, I am going to show your how can you create a sitemap for blogger blog and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools? I will also teach you how can you submit your Sitemap to Yahoo and other major Search Engines in some other upcoming posts. So, before creating a sitemap you ought to know how much types of Sitemaps are and when to use each one?
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Types of Sitemaps.

If your website have less than 500 articles you can use below Sitemap code.


If your website have more than 500 posts then you can use below Sitemap code.


If your website have more than 1,000 posts use below sitemap code.


And, So on.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

You might have understood on which time you want to use any specific sitemap. So, after selected a specific sitemap from above list, this is very important to make sure Google Bot how much datas are present in your sitemap and ask them to crawl and index them through the sitemap.
Let's submit to Google Webmaster Tools.
Note:  If you are not understood which type of sitemap to select for your BlogSpot based blog, then follow this simple tip to acquire a right sitemap quote.
Step 1 - Go To and type in your blog entire URL
Sitemap for Blogger / Blogger Sitemap, Image One
For instance, our blog is, so after put in the enire URL and click on Generate Sitemap, you'd notice that there would be a box open, something like this one:
Step 2 - As you can see in the above image the sitemap code has been generated, which is
It's just a dummy code. This site has no more than 500 posts, that why it's generate the most suitable sitemap. If your website would have more than 500 posts, your sitemap code would be something like
As I told the same earlier. However, copy the same code you've just generated and let's submit this blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool.

 How to submit blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

1) The very first step you have to take is go to Google Webmasters Tools and login with your account.

2) If you added your website into Google Webmasters, it should to be appear in the list and if you are not added, click on Add a Property and type your full website or blog address.
That all.

3) After that select a sitemap code, select the website in which you want to add sitemap for. And then click on Crawl → Sitemaps → Add/Test Sitemap.

4) A pop-up box will be appeared, just paste a sitemap code in a pop-up box, the box will automatically appeared once you click on Add/Test Sitemap, and finally click on Submit.

You have successfully created the sitemap for blogger and submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools as well!
Thank you for shared your precious time. If you have any question, feel free to ask.
If you have not learned how to create a sitemap for blogger still, so in this case you can watch this video to learn how to create one. It will surely help you.
Don't forget to let me know once you're done from creating sitemap for blogger.

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